The High Tech Pool

The High Tech Pool: The Works

Are you the type of person that is already anticipating the next "gadget"?

At Royal Pools we understand. Ask about our "high-tech pool" built to the highest standard.

The latest versus the best

Royal Pools uses state-of-the-art swimming pool and spa construction materials, techniques, and equipment, and we guarantee our work with a comprehensive warranty. Our team will help you design and build a custom pool or spa to match your needs and will be enjoyed by your family for years to come.

We aren't keen on every new gadget that comes out for your pool. We've seen ideas come and go, and we've tested what works and what doesn't. In other words, we won't sell you a pool pump only because you can control it with your smart phone; it has to also work!

We know the difference between the being new, and being better. Our extensive knowledge of pool products include over 100 years of combined knowledge. We won't sell you anything that we wouldn't put in our own pool at our own homes.

At Royal we know what it means to want the best, and we strive to acheive the best in every single pool that we build. Regardless of your budget, we will always look for quality accessories, and figure out how to work within your budget.

The high tech pool features the very latest in tested technology, from brands that we know and trust. You can count on us to not just recommned the best features for your pool, but also to stand behind our work, for generations to come. Trust Royal Pools to bring you not just the latest, but the very best that technolgy has to offer.

Popular Features Include

  • Lighting that changes intensity, color, vibration, and spectrum
  • Waterfalls that are in sync with other elements of the pool
  • Landscaping to match a "theme park"
  • The imagination is the only limit, you design it, we'll build it!