Step 4: Decking

Step 4: Decking Stage

Measure, re-assessment, excavation, reinforcements, plumbing.

Construction Steps: Step 4

After the gas and electrical hook-ups have been completed, the pool will be scheduled for the surface finish application. As soon as the plaster crew has finished giving your new pool a beautiful smooth plaster or Pebble-Tec finish, water can then be added to your new pool.

The schedulers know that the plaster will only take a few hours to shoot inside your pool, and that water will take one to two days to fill your pool. At this time your job is red flagged for start-up.

Just as soon as you call in and tell us that your water has reached the middle of the waterline tile, we schedule Frank Balmaceda, our Field Superintendent and start-up technician to come out to your home.


Don't panic about the operation of our swimming pool equipment. Like anything new, it will take you a few days to get used to the procedure that is necessary to maintain a pool.

If you have any questions later, just give us a call at the office. Our personnel can answer your questions and make you feel like a welcomed addition to our family.