Step 1: Excavation

Step1: Excavation Stage

Measure, re-assessment, excavation, reinforcements, plumbing.

The Royal Process

After you reach an agreement with one of our estimators, your paperwork is begun at the office. Next, and we take pride in telling you this, we send out a professional draftsman to measure your property and thus ensure accuracy and mistake free work. We utilize this procedure to catch any oversights that may have occurred. Instead of having our designer/sales staff draw up the construction copy, we feel better prepared and more professional to send out a second person, who is unfamiliar with the project. This allows us to have a different viewpoint of the project from another qualified professional, before we get started.

The Excavation

After we obtain the building permits, we schedule a meeting with you to choose a convenient time to excavate your swimming pool. We require that you be present during the initial hours of the excavation to ensure mutual agreement for the grade elevation and the actual layout of the pool. Our excavation crews will be positioned in your backyard. Once you approve its location, you can hurry back to the office and we will begin excavation. The excavation is normally finished in one day.

...AND THEN...

Within the next two to four days, the steel reinforcing and the underground plumbing will be installed.

The plumbers and steel crews are experienced, having been around the pool industry for a long, long time. The relationship we have with them has lasted over 20 years, and they are well aware of Royal Pools' standard for quality. Everyone puts steel in the pool to support the gunite structure, but not everyone puts as much steel in the pool as Royal.

Check out the two skimmers and the 2 ½ in plumbing lines running back to the equipment pad location. Your pool will circulate well and clean faster.