Step 2: Inspection

Step2: Inspection Stage

Measure, re-assessment, excavation, reinforcements, plumbing.

...AND THEN...

The city or county inspectors come out to the job site to fulfill their duty as watchdogs for the public. These inspections sometimes take a few days, but they are necessary and important to ensure that the contractor is building according to the submitted engineering specifications, which are on file in the building department. It is also important to check and ensure that city, county, and in some case, national building codes are being followed.


The inspectors will sign the card inside the plastic permit tube, which we keep on the construction site, normally hanging on a fence. The permit tube must be kept in plain sight for the inspectors to find easily. Inside are the plans and the engineering specifications mentioned earlier.

...AND NEXT...

The wizards of the industry show up. The gunite crew will arrive and shoot the floor and walls of the pool structure. This hole in the ground finally begins to resemble the drawing designed by the pool representative.

If you've never seen the process of gunite application, try to be there. We think you will find it impressive.

The first five days after gunite installation, we would like you to spray water on the gunite two or three times a day, to assist the curing process.

It is always a temptation for the homeowner to walk down into the pool shell after gunite has been installed, but we suggest that you wait a couple of days to let the steps and stairs set up and strengthen, before anyone goes down inside the pool shell. Please do not let children play around the construction site. All construction sites have a certain amount of danger potential, and we want this to be a safe and pleasant experience for everyone concerned.

Soon after gunite installation, the Royal Pools masonry craftsmen will show up to install tile and coping, rock or brick-whatever your specifications call for. The tile and masonry are an integral part of the beauty of the finished product. If you're able to be home during the masonry phase, you'll probably meet one of our masonry superintendents;who are on the job to ensure its quality.